The automated conductive charging system “Matrix Charging” developed by Easelink was selected as a suitable technology for e-taxis. Over 60 e-taxis will be equipped with the vehicle unit of the charging system and over 60 taxi stands will be equipped with the charging pad of the system.

The electrification of taxi fleets requires a suitable charging infrastructure.  Easelink enables with its automated Matrix Charging system the charging of e-taxis directly at the cab stand. This is exactly where the charging current is needed and there are waiting times anyway, which can be conveniently used for charging without fiddling with cables.

Contribution to the mobility transition:

The Matrix Charging System enables fast and automatic connection and disconnection of the e-taxis to the power grid. Due to the decentralized distribution of the charging infrastructure directly at taxi stands, e-taxis are connected to the power grid for a longer period of time on average within their shift. By charging e-taxis at moderate power levels over a longer period of time, grid-friendly operation of larger electrified fleets can also be enabled using charging management.

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