Technical Details

Since 2015 the high-tech company Easelink is developing the automated conductive charging technology Matrix Charging with the vision to set up an automated charging network for electric vehicles. 

Matrix Charging Technology

The Matrix Charging system consists of two main components: a vehicle unit attached on the vehicle’s underbody – Matrix Charging Connector – and an infrastructure unit at the parking space – Matrix Charging Pad . As soon as the vehicle parks above the Matrix Charging Pad in the parking space, the Matrix Charging Connector from the vehicle is automatically lowered and the vehicle is charged via the conductive connection.

The Matrix Charging system offers high transfer efficiency (> 99%) and power up to 22 kW AC and 50 kW DC at 400 volts / 100 kW DC at 800 volts at low cost.

Matrix Charging Connector

The Matrix Charging Connector is the main unit of the Matrix Charging system installed in the vehicle.

  • Robust and low-cost design
  • Flexible packaging enabling volume segment rollout
  • Simple unidirectional mechanism
  • Lightweight design: < 4 kg
Matrix Charging System with Pad and Connector
Matrix Charging Connector

Matrix Charging Pad

The Matrix Charging Pads can be rolled out in private areas (private garage, company parking lots, etc.) as well as for public urban charging infrastructure.

  • Static and resilient device
  • A flush, barrier-free, installation into the ground enables a large scale deployment everywhere
  • Vehicle traversablity up to 2500 kg
Matrix Charging Pad installed flush into the parking grounds especially outdoor
Matrix Charging Pad placed on top of parking lots especially indoor

Matrix Charging system: compact vehicle unit and robust infrastructure unit

To enhance the simple integration of the Matrix ChargingConnector in electric vehicles underbody the Connector offers a space and cost saving design. With a compact design the Matrix Charging System already today can also be retrofitted in more than 90% of electric vehicles on the market.

An essential part of Matrix Charging since day one of the development is the integrated cleaning system which ensures a reliable electrical connection even under heavily soiled conditions especially outdoor. After the vehicle is parked, the Connector is lowered, and air is automatically blown out of the Connector interface via a fan until the connection between the Matrix Charging Connector and Matrix Charing Pad is established. With the help of the cleaning slats integrated in the Connector interface, various foreign objects can be dislodged by touching down and continued rotation. This allows the Pad to be cleaned of various impurities (dirt, salt, leaves, raindrops, etc.) before the charging process starts.

Crucial for an areawide rollout of Matrix Charging System is the flush integration of the Matrix Charging Pad into the parking surface. No charging pillar or charging cable are required for charging the electric vehicle. The absence of a cable connection between the vehicle and the charging station eliminates tripping hazards. A barrier-free zone is maintained.

A proven traversability of up to 2500 kg wheel load of the Pad and a cleaning routine which eliminates impurities on the Pad for a successful conductive energy transfer makes Matrix Chargingan extremely robust solution for indoor and outdoor applications. Especially, fleet operators like e-taxis, e-carsharing or company fleets but also private users benefit from this charging system.