eTaxi Austria is a revolutionary project that speeds up and simplifies the charging process for electric cabs. Charging pads are embedded in the ground at cab ranks. Converted electric cabs can easily charge by simply parking the vehicle above the pad. This allows cabs to move forward quickly as usual and be charged while parked. Drivers do not have to take longer charging breaks during working hours and do not have to constantly get in and out of the taxi while it is moving forward in order to connect and disconnect their vehicle with charging cables at a charging station. More detailed technical information can be found here.

Voices on the project:

With the eTaxi project, the Cities of Vienna and Graz have succeeded in making e-mobility a tangible everyday-experience for the people. Congratulations to the project team on its successful implementation. I am convinced that valuable experience will be gained for the roll-out in Vienna and Graz, as well as in other cities.

Bernd Vogl, Managing Director of the Climate and Energy Fund

With this project, we succeed in taking a pioneering role in Austria in Graz and Vienna and in making part of mobility, especially the km-heavy cab traffic, locally emission-free and user-friendly.

Wolfgang Wehap, Office of Mayor Elke Kahr, Graz (Chair of City Advisory Council 2022/2023)

Climate protection and economy can go hand in hand: the eTaxi Austria project is a prime example of how innovation and progress are making urban traffic more climate-friendly and at the same time cities can improve as business locations.

Alexander Biach, Location attorney and Deputy Director, Vienna Economic Chamber

As the leading mobility club in the country, the ÖAMTC supports the eTaxi project as a competence center in the vehicle sector and in e-car servicing. Our experience in testing Matrix Charging within the ÖAMTC E fleet has shown that Matrix Charging is ideally suited as a technically safe and robust solution for the eTaxi project.

Christian Klejna, Expert for Electromobility, ÖAMTC