Project Details

The Cities of Vienna and Graz are proactively taking on the challenge of supporting climate-friendly mobility in urban taxi fleets. With this vision, a consortium consisting of 11 partners, including the two cities of Vienna and Graz, the Economic Chambers of Vienna and Styria, Wien Energie, Energie Graz, vibe and Easelink, have come together to start a funded demo-project, coordinated by tbw research.

Together with numerous cooperation partners, we have been working from the very beginning to enable operation with electric taxis in Vienna and Graz. Switching to electric mobility becomes more attractive through automated, conductive charging (Matrix Charging from Easelink) directly at the taxi stands, supplemented by high-power chargers as fall-back-option in Graz.

Project proposal, Title: eTaxi 2.0 – Decarbonisation of Taxi Fleets in Vienna and Graz

Project duration: June 2021 to March 2025

Project costs: 8.5 million Euro
Funding: 2.3 million Euro

Funding programme: Zero Emission Mobility Implementation, 1. call 2020
Powered by: Austrian Climate- and Energy Fund

Supported by: Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC)

Details about the project, the project team, implementation partners, the City Advisory Board and the technology can be found in the specific areas.