How does Matrix Charging® change the taxi business?

The widespread use of eTaxis requires a functioning charging infrastructure. Until now, this was only possible via charging by cable. With the wireless, automated charging system Matrix Charging® it will be easy to charge eTaxis wirelessly and directly at the stand!

According to the Austrian Climate Roadmap, only emission-free taxis are to be permitted from 2025. That is why we are testing the new e-charging technology in a field trial in Vienna and Graz. We are evaluating at a total of 10 selected taxi stands with a total of 66 eTaxis. Practical charging options, clean electricity and modern e-vehicles are our contribution to decarbonisation.

The existing charging infrastructure is not optimal for the everyday operation of a taxi. This has been shown by numerous eTaxi initiatives, e.g. in Vienna, Cologne or Helsinki with conventional e-charging infrastructure (charging station where the charging cable is plugged in). Therefore, the following criteria are particularly important to us:

  • Charging takes place directly at the stand in order to remain economical.
  • There is no need to get in and out of the car to plug in and unplug.
  • charging eTaxis are perceived by potential customers as “ready to drive”.

This means that automated charging offers a significant increase in comfort compared to wired charging.

Automatic charging directly at the taxi rank in Vienna and Graz,

Gamechanger Matrix Charging®

This is exactly where the Styrian technology company Easelink comes in. With the vision of an e-charging technology for automated conductive charging, the basis for urban e-mobility was created:

The automated charging technology Matrix Charging® consists of two parts:

  • the connector is installed in the vehicle underbody and
  • the pad is a charging plate installed on the ground.

As soon as the vehicle parks above the charging pad, the Connector integrated in the vehicle lowers onto the charging pad and the vehicle charges automatically. The target charging powers of the emerging product generations for Matrix Charging® are 22 kW AC and 50 kW DC at 99 percent transmission efficiency. The flush integration of the robust charging pads into the ground surface allows for a comprehensive roll-out in densely populated areas without creating additional trip hazards.

einfach, kabellos und automatisch am Taxistandplatz laden
Wien Energie presents: eTaxi 2.0 project; © Wien Energie/FOTObyHOFER/Christian Hofer, 15.09.21

What does wireless charging mean for eTaxi operations?

With Matrix Charging® technology, we reduce barriers for eTaxi operations:

  • Charging can take place directly at the stand.
  • There is no need for additional charging points on pavements or at stands.
  • Wireless, automated charging eliminates time-consuming plugging and unplugging of vehicles in all weather conditions.
  • Shorter charging cycles become possible – this is especially important as the standing time of a taxi is not comparable to that of a private vehicle.

The large-scale use of Matrix Charging® can support the faster introduction of eTaxis and thus provide an alternative to combustion engine taxis in urban traffic.

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Matrix Charging® Pad flush integrated into car park surface, no more trip hazards!

In the coming months and years, we will offer more insights on our website on how the eTaxi Austria project is laying a foundation for the mobility turnaround in urban transport.